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It’s a simple and touching story. I had the chance to meet Ted, an American Icelander whose Icelandic parents met in New York. Ted often visited Iceland when growing up but this time, unfortunately, it was for more serious matter. His mother recently passed away and wished to be buried in Iceland with the rest of her family. Ted was generous enough to show me the grave where they had just buried her remains and talk to me about the attachment he feels to his Icelandic heritage. I think his mother’s will is the best example of the pride and joy Icelanders have for their roots. Many of the Icelanders I interviewed said that no matter where they are in the world, they will always return home some day.

Thank you Ted.

Days spent in Iceland.

As I drove to Vopnafjörður, I came across this field worker. He was fixing a hole in the  fence to prevent the sheep from crossing the road. On that specific day, it was cold. Very cold. As I was driving to the north, the snow started falling and the roads got particularly bad. I will always remember this 12 hour car ride in the middle of nowhere with snow pouring down on the cold landscape. Night fell and I continued on the lonesome road. With many small encounters, I stayed awake. Whether it was a mountain, a sheep or one of the few human beings out in the nature, they truly made this experience unique.

Thank you for fixing the fence.